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What's the next step for Palabre ?

Actionscript for Multiplayer games

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Web site problem ...

Argh, there is a little problem on the server and my HTML/CSS template has been deleted !

So wer're back to a default design ... sorry for the change ...

And by the way i hope we could release 0.4 really soon ... 


Palabre 0.4 is coming soon ...

Well yeah !

in a few days we might release a new version (0.4) of palabre.
This would include a real python module installer, real logging , daemon, better utf-8 support, bug fixes, more "english" (maybe not "real" english but we did our best ...) comments in the code, and other minor changes...

Check back soon !


New Palabre Flash Client 0.2

This package includes an Xml node maker , a Mouse echo client, and a simple Chat Example.

With the Mouse echo client the first cursor you see is your own with position sent and received back from the server (Usefull to test latency).You can also start multiple windows and see the other moves. 

All source flash and actionscript (FLA) included

» Download it from a Sourceforge Mirror


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