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Actionscript for Multiplayer games

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Palabre BETA pre 0.5

Hello everyone,

Palabre 0.4.99b has just been released !

This release is not tagged 0.5 due to some problems left ...
(By the way if ayone has ever packaged Adodb with Psycopg support via Py2EXE, please let me know.
One bug is that you can't connect to a Postgres Database on windows

Please feel free to test it and report bugs to the Forum
(If anyone can test it on Mac Os X, this would be great)

There are two major improvements :

- Crossdomain support via loadPolicyFile on XmlSocket
- Database identification before connection
  (Suppport via ADODB : Mysql, sqlite, postresql -almost-, oracle, access, odbc, ...)

More informations on crossdomain support
More informations on Database identification



Minor updates soon

First of all,

Happy new year everyone !
Let's hope that 2006 will be full of wonderfull multi-user Flash applications (and games:p) :)

 In the meantime, a few bugs were discovered in Palabre

- bad quickstarter on Posix [linux , MacOsX, ...] Systems,

- bad logging module configuration on Mac Os X,

- Uneasy to work with under Windows, ...

So there should be a minor release soon to fix thoose, but with no  additional functionalities for now (so if you are already using it, you won't need to download palabre again)

And i hope to release soon another version with at least a modular Database Identification support.


In the meantime, you can still download Palabre 0.4 


Palabre 0.4 is ready !

You can download it from here

(Windows and Linux Versions, Server and clients )


 or from sourceforge: 

Changelog :

Changed :
- Better unicode Utf-8 Support
- Childrooms nodes changed
- Root password attribute changed

Added :
- Installation (python install)
- Real Configuration (/etc/palabre.conf)
- Daemon mode (palabre start/stop/status)
- Real logging support (/var/log/palabre.log)
- QuickStart mode for testing
- Windows compiled version

To keep up to date , please check SVN

Do not hesitate to contact us or post on the forum for any bug , question, patch, ...

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