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daPhyre All right. I've finished to make the port, it can be found here:

I got rid of the PalDebugger because I was never able to understand how it did work. Instead, I've changed it for a simple debugger that works just like the Palabre Chat Client.

I guess it is quite simple, more since is almost the same as the original. But if anyone has any question, I'll be glad to work on them. Hope it helps everyone as the original helped me and everyone else for the last two years.
daPhyre Thanks a lot for the code, It has been really helpful.

I work with a Flex AIR-based IDE (minibuilder) since i'm a Linux developer/user, so I've been porting the AS3 code to it... Which is mostly the same, but making all the visual part directly into the code.

Everything works exactly the same, except that instead of a 3-colors MovieClip light for the statusLed, is a single-color Sprite alpha-based light (just to keep simple the code). As soon as I finish the porting, I'll gladly share it.

I'm just right now having troubles to understand how does the PalDebugger works. It would be really helpful if someone could lend me a hand on it. Thanks ;)
Gnoll I am experienced with AS3 and the AS3 XMLSocket if you still need help, you can email me at [email protected]

Thrapple hi, i am very interested in this componen too.
admin Thx a lot will !

I'll try to have a look at it quickly.
Will The AS2 version of the component is here :

It's not finished but could be interesting.

I've started to implement an AS3 version here :

I'd be happy to have some help on this mini project, especially if your familiar with AS3 !