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Message Logging - 2009/05/11 18:28 Is it possible to keep a log of the last x number of messages sent using Palabre? My customer wants to be able to see a recent messages log so that he can look for people that might be using his chat rooms to send junk messages directly to people in the rooms.

Any thoughts?
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Re:Message Logging - 2009/05/16 18:34 Anyone?
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Re:Message Logging - 2009/05/18 05:03 Perhaps you could make a module that listens to your message xml node and log it to a database. Then show the last x num from your database to your client.

Sorry it can be quiet here. Palabre is very simple but powerful tool that doesn't have a lot of publicity.

If you have something more specific I'd be happy to discuss it.

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Re:Message Logging - 2009/06/06 17:41 I figured out what was causing this - turns out Palabre doesn't like any special characters (above and beyond letters & numbers) in usernames.
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