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Problem Registering New Module - 2008/03/14 21:37 Just getting my feet wet with modules. I've built a very simple module called:

Which (theoretically) receives the node <exists> and returns "I Exist!"

Here is the code (minus the GNU comment block):


 #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- # Palabre - class existsQueries:              def __init__(self,server):                 self.server server        "existsQueries"         self.server.registerAction(’onStartup’,                 # Registering the EXISTS node         self.server.registerNode('exists',                          return              def doNode(self,nodeName,node,client):                 if nodeName == 'exists':             client.clientSendMessage(self.server.formatMessage('exists',[],'I Exist!'))         return

I saved the module to /usr/local/lib/python2.4/site-packages/modules/

I stopped palabre, edited the /etc/palabre.conf to read:


list = dbQueries,helloworld,simpleLogin,existsQueries

I restarted palabre, and got this:


 [root@someserver palabre-src-0.6b]# python INFO     No log file has been specified INFO     Palabre will only print log to console INFO     Running INFO     Port2468 INFO     Palabre is running on a public interface INFO     Other computers will be able to access it INFO     4 Module(sto load INFO     Module dbQueries Loaded INFO     Module helloworld Loaded INFO     Module simpleLogin Loaded ERROR    ERROR No module named existsQueries ERROR    Module existsQueries  Failed to load INFO     3 Module(sloaded INFO     Connection to BDD      SKIPPED ERROR    dbQueries:«»DATABASE ACCESS IS NOT CONFIGURED ERROR    dbQueries:I wont accept any request

What am I missing?

Help me, Obi Wan!
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Re:Problem Registering New Module - 2008/03/25 18:41 Found the problem (on linux).

The install puts modules in two folders,

(Which is where I think it is supposed to go when the installer is working properly)

And also in the palabre-src-0.6b/modules folder (in the parent folder where I installed Palabre)

At the moment, palabre is only recognizing folders in the latter folder.

Now I just have to fix my module...};^)
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Re:Problem Registering New Module - 2008/10/30 15:39 Hi,

How to fix the problem ?
I put my into lot of directory but it doens't want to load it :(
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Re:Problem Registering New Module - 2009/07/30 06:11 If it helps anyone, I had to put my "module" files in /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/

Not sure why. Thanks for a great server. Cheers.
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