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Windows palabre working , Linux Not - 2009/09/04 00:33 I've tried palabre with windows xp (no ip configuration, crossdomains specified) and it works
Not the same on Ubuntu linux (python 2.6.2)
I'm in a private net ( and tried also with the localhost
no firewall is active and the server logs indicate a connection :
2009-09-04 02:28:38,041 : INFO Connection initialized for
2009-09-04 02:28:38,081 : INFO Client connected: m605(
2009-09-04 02:28:38,083 : DEBUG Palabre room 'm' created by m605(

but nothing happens, can anyone suggest something ? thanks in advance

following the config file:

startdaemon = false

pidfile = /var/run/

ip =

port = 2468


loglevel = debug

logfile =


password =


alloweddomains = localhost


usedatabase = false
checkpassword = false

dbType = mysql
dbHost =
dbUser = root
dbPassword = secret
dbDatabase = test

dBRequest = SELECT * FROM t_logins WHERE login_nickname LIKE [LOGIN] AND login_password LIKE MD5([PASSWORD])


list = dbQueries,helloworld,simpleLogin
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Re:Windows palabre working , Linux Not - 2009/09/04 12:23 Actually it was not a problem of the server but due to the different syntax in the linux-windows for the client's calls

thanks to anyone who spent time thinking about that

alex --------------------------
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Re:Windows palabre working , Linux Not - 2009/09/04 12:36 I found some time to give details:
I tried recently the server and played with the flash clients taking the mouse example as a starting point.
I found sample clients (mouse one) working properly with the server running from windows while not from linux which was suprisingly strange for me :)
The connection appeared on the palabre log but no data were sent.
So I did some debug and I found the problem to be the xml shortcuts
as an example [b instead of back, r instead of toroom etc].
My system is :
Ubuntu jaunty
Python 2.6.2
firefox 3.0.12
apache 2
xml core 012

same with palabre 5 and 6

hope this can help
cheers alex
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Re:Windows palabre working , Linux Not - 2009/09/24 15:00 look this 3d,com_simpleboard/Itemid,35/func,view/id,5716/catid,1/

i found some difference from palabre running on python 2.4/2.5 and 2.6,

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Re:Windows palabre working , Linux Not - 2010/06/22 20:54 Pier, thanks a lot for your answer. Actually, the new modifications are simple:

At the end of the, the code that looks like this:


                 if val.find('"') and not val.find("'"«»):                     xml += ' '+p+'=''+val.replace('"','\"')+'''                 else:                     xml += ' '+p+'="'+val.replace('"','"')+'"'

Must replace the "p" variable for "str(p)", since Python 2.6 thinks they are characters and no strings when they are a single-character string. So, the code should be replaced for:


                 if val.find('"') and not val.find("'"«»):                     xml += ' '+str(p)+'=''+val.replace('"','\"')+'''                 else:                     xml += ' '+str(p)+'="'+val.replace('"','"')+'"'

That will make the short-tags, and the Client Samples with it, work perfectly from now on.

When is the official patch going to be released? Many Linux developers are getting troubled with this minnor detail...
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