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Authentication Error - 2010/07/04 18:59 Hello. I've installed before palabre successfully on Linux, but recently I had to reinstall my OS, and so, every software in it.

I guess I've reinstalled everything well, but for some reason, when I'm testing my flashes and I try to connect with a nickname, in returns to me an "Authentication Error".

This is my palabre.conf, if it helps:


 # palabre.conf # Main config file for Palabre [daemon] # startdaemon - if 'false', don't start in daemon mode # and send the log to the console as well as to the log file # useful with loglevel = debug # default: true startdaemon true # pidfile - pid file path  # default: /var/run/ # Not used under windows, only for UNIX services pidfile = /var/run/ # ip - uncomment the following to bind Palabre to a specific ip # ex: ip = # default (commented or empty): all ip myhost # port - uncomment the following to bind Palabre to a specific port # ex: port = 9876 # default (commented or empty): 2468 port 2468 [logging] # loglevel - one of: debug, info, warning, error, critical # default: info loglevel debug # logfile - log file path # default: /var/log/palabre.log # logfile = ./palabre.log # If empty Palabre will print every messages in the console logfile =  [admin] # password - uncomment the following to allow root connection # (useful for some administrative tasks) # make sure only Palabre admins have access to this file # ex: password = MetsTaCarpe # default (commented or empty): no root connection allowed password =  [crossdomain] # List domains allowed to connect to this server (separated by spaces) # Load through :"xmlsocket://"«»); # #alloweddomains =  alloweddomains myhost [database] # If you want to check password to database  # checkpassword = true usedatabase false checkpassword true # Database informations for ADODB # dbType : Possible Values : any from ADODB : mysql, postgres, sqlite, odbc, ... # But you need the correct module + Adodb to go on ... dbType mysql dbHost dbUser root dbPassword secret dbDatabase test # Request to use :  # use [LOGIN] and [PASSWORD] for the replacements WITHOUT QUOTES AROUND  # Adodb Will auto quote it # XML connect node must be : <connect nickname="toto" password="str0ngp4ss" /> # Ex : dbRequest = SELECT * FROM t_logins WHERE login_nickname LIKE [LOGIN] AND login_password LIKE  MD5([PASSWORD]) dBRequest SELECT FROM t_logins WHERE login_nickname LIKE [LOGIN] AND login_password LIKE MD5([PASSWORD]) [modules] #list = dbQueries,helloworld,simpleLogin

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Re:Authentication Error - 2010/07/14 00:09 Is there any way to debug what kind of error is making this authentication error? I've been trying to move a little of it, redownloading and reinstalling, but nothing has work still...
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Re:Authentication Error - 2010/07/15 09:21 did you try setting "checkpassword" to false ?
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Re:Authentication Error - 2010/07/17 06:03 Goodness!! I was pretty sure I did at some point, but since this resulted now, I guess I didn't :S

Thanks a lot!! :D
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