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Palabre with .NET client - 2009/03/19 11:30 I am trying to develop a client for Palabre server in C# .NET using socket programming.
The connection part is fine. but while sending xml it seems that the format in which my .NET client sends xml string is not supported by Palabre.
Can any one please help me with the format in which Palabre communicates... Ofcource, it is XML but at network level .NET sends array of bytes. And my question is How and what exactly the Palabre uses to communicate?

Thanks in advance... :)
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Re:Palabre with .NET client - 2009/03/24 11:26 Hi,

The problem might be that Flash uses the "null" character to terminate an xml message

often writen as backslash zero

if you don't send it then Palabre will keep waiting , thinking that the xml is not yet finished

Post edited by: admin, at: 2009/03/24 11:28
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