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Connection Problems - 2009/06/06 18:08 I'm having issues connecting to Palabre using a Flash web object that I built. It's been set up on server A (our old server that we're just about to decommission) for quite some time, and it's been operating beautifully. Now I've migrated everything to server B (a new server we just set up), and the Flash object won't connect.

Here's a list of what I've tried:

- "service stop iptables" on server B
- used xml socket to load policy file (as shown in instructions) - this is the way I originally had it when it was working
- created cross-domain XML policy file & point to it from the Flash file
- tried connecting to Palabre using every conceivable address to troubleshoot cross-domain issues
- tried Palabre quickstart as well as in daemon mode
- can telnet to Palabre & get a connection (connection shows in log), but connection from Flash doesn't work and doesn't show up in log
- added every conceivable address to the allowed domains in the config file

- last but not least, connected to server A (the old server) using the Flash file on the new server - works fine

What's wrong with the daemon on server B or the configuration of the server itself that's keeping me from connecting?
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Re:Connection Problems - 2009/06/11 05:39 Never mind - it suddenly decided to start working, no rhyme or reason.
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Re:Connection Problems - 2009/06/20 15:39 As it turns out, I'm having the same problem again - but it only seems to apply to certain clients. My first thought is always that it's a firewall problem, but that wouldn't appear to be the case here. Here are the facts:

- I have 2 servers running Palabre. One works, and the other doesn't.
- I can telnet to port 2468 on both servers, and it connects. It obviously doesn't show anything when I'm connecting through telnet, but at least it doesn't time out.
- Again, certain clients are having this problem, and others aren't. I have someone that got his IP address to change and was then able to get in.
- I've tried using both the Flash client that's pictured at and my own Flash client. Neither will connect.
- Port 2468 is allowed on the server firewall for both inbound and outbound communications, and my IP (which happens to be one of the ones that's problematic at the moment) is specifically allowed on the firewall so as to eliminate that possibility altogether.

What could possibly be the problem here? PLEASE HELP!
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Re:Connection Problems - 2009/06/20 16:50 I just did more troubleshooting on this, and I have some very bizarre circumstances that I can't quite explain. Perhaps someone else can shed some light on this:

- Using the test client that I referenced in my previous post, I can connect if the domain name I'm trying to connect to is different than the one I used to open the client in my browser (both domains point to the same server). It gives me a Flash security prompt saying that it's trying to communicate on a different domain, but as soon as I hit allow, it connects.

- Using the same domain both to open the client in the browser and to connect to the chat server, the connection fails.

- Using my own client, I had "allowScriptAccess" in the object tag set to "always". As soon as I switched it to "sameDomain", it was able to connect once or twice without a problem. Now it won't connect again.

- I uninstalled and reinstalled my Flash client, and that did nothing for the situation.

For all I know, I might be dealing with some sort of combination of Flash security and firewall issues and maybe something else - I'm clueless at this point. Any thoughts?
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Re:Connection Problems - 2009/06/20 17:02 You can see my HTML code at

You'll see that this page doesn't really do anything - it's part of a larger frames-based application. The way that you can tell whether or not this is working, however, is that for testing purposes I have it set up to show JavaScript window alerts. Right now, on my system, this waits about 20 seconds and then shows "No Connection". On someone else's system, it would produce a whole bunch of popups containing the XML commands that are being sent and received.

My Flash code is as follows. Fair warning: there's a lot of junk in here that is purposeless or is commented out. I was doing a lot of testing, and I never got around to cleaning it up.

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
var paramObj:Object = LoaderInfo(this.root.loaderInfo).parameters;
var hostname:String;
hostname = _root.hostname;"xmlsocket://"+hostname+":2468");

function trace1(data1) {"ReceiveData", data1);
XML.prototype.ignoreWhite = false;
/* Create a new XMLSocket Object */
x = new XMLSocket();
x.ignoreWhite = false;
/* Define an handler function to check connection */
x.onConnect = function (status) {
if(status) {
/* If connection is OK then we can identify and start sending XML */
//_root.x.send('<connect nickname="test_'+random(30)+'" ></connect>');"Login");"JoinRoom");
} else {
trace1('No Connection');

/* Define an handler function to trace incoming XML */
x.onXML = function (xmlNode) {

/* Then start the connection, adjust IP and port to reflect the server information */
//x.send('<connect nickname="test_'+random(30)+'" ></connect>');
function getTextFromJavaScript(str) {
var senddata:String;
//writeLVs = new LoadVars();
//senddata="testing, 123";
//writeLVs.senddata = senddata;
//writeLVs.send("writeToFile.php?uniqueID="+getTimer(), writeLVs, "POST");
ExternalInterface.addCallback("sendTextToFlash", null, getTextFromJavaScript);
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Re:Connection Problems - 2009/09/01 10:25 How did you solved that ? I have some similar problem.

thanks in advance alex
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Re:Connection Problems - 2015/03/01 22:59 hello I have a problem with the connection Palabre because when connected to the internal IP everything is fine but when connected to the external IP, do not connect. However, the ports are open and also I added this to the firewall exception, I'm using port 1024 and I am surprised because the other programs that use other ports work well externally. I hope they can find the solution to my problem. Thank You
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Re:Connection Problems - 2015/03/02 08:10 Hi,

Did you change the "ip" parameter in Palabre configuration file ?
By default Palabre runs only on local interface.

# ip - uncomment the following to bind Palabre to a specific ip
# ex: ip =
# default (commented or empty): all

ip =
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Re:Connection Problems - 2015/03/03 02:15 Yes, i change the "ip" parameter in Palabre configuration file for all interfaces
-----> # default (commented or empty): all
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