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Actionscript for Multiplayer games

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help getting started - 2009/08/10 21:01 Hello :)

I am new to palabre and i want to get some info before i do anything.

This is what I have done so far:

I have extracted Palabre on my computer and downloaded the Client example files.

I have configured the config file locally.

It was a success when I ran the Palabrechat application.

Now, I want some information about:

How to set up my palabre server so that people from outside my local network can connect to my palabre server.

Is there a way to setup my Palabre so that users can enter the swf files Ex. entering my IP address on their browser and will connect with my server?

Another problem i ran across was when i wanted to setup my own database using mysql. I ran palabrechat again and entered a nickname. But it said authentication error. Is this palabrechat doesnt have a password box?

thank you in advanced
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