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Which XML node can i send and receive ? PDF Print E-mail

This is a list of simple nodes to connect to the server and send simple messages.


Connection with nickname and optionnaly password for root
SEND>  <connect nickname="KoolBoy" [ password="YYY" ] />

Answer from the server (nickname in use or non acceptable)
RECEIVE>  <connect isok="1" />

If you want to check the connection
SEND>  <ping />

The server should answer :
RECEIVE>  <pong />

Asking for room list
SEND>  <getrooms />

Rooms list (also supports sub-rooms, operator mode for some clients in rooms, params in rooms (title, locked, ...)
RECEIVE> <rooms nb="2" ><room name="XXX" clients="5" /><room clients="20" name="YYY" /></rooms>

Asking to join Room XXX (if room does not exists it is created then)
SEND>  <join room="XXX" />

Room Joined
RECEIVE> <joined room="XXX" />

And the list of clients for this room
SEND>  <clients room="XXX" nb="5" > <client name="Toto" /> <client name="Titi" /> [...] </clients>


Sending a message "msg" or "m"
(Param "c" or "toclient" -> the message is only delivered to one client)
(Param "r" or "toroom" is delivered to entire room)
(Param "b" or "back" tells the server to send the same message back to the send)
(Param "broadcast" sends to everyone)

SEND> <m r="XXX" >Hello everyone i'm very happy to join you all!</m>
RECEIVE>  <m f="Toto" r="XXX">Hello KoolBoy glad to meet you!</m>
RECEIVE>  <m f="Titi" r="XXX">Hi how are you KoolBoy ?</m>
SEND>  <m r="XXX" >Have to go ! Bye !</m>
SEND>  <leave r="XXX" />


 You may also set clients Params

<clientparam name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" />

 And everyone receives :

<clientparam r="Lobby" name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" f="Nickname" /> 

 Or when you join a new room you receives everyone's params:

<clients room="Lobby" nb="1">
  <client name="Nickname">
     <param name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" />
     <param name="HairColor" value="blue" />
     <param name="posX" value="12" />
     <param name="posY" value="64" />
  <client name="OtherNickname">
     <param name="Avatar" value="boywithshorthair1" />
     <param name="HairColor" value="green" />
     <param name="posX" value="15" />
     <param name="posY" value="65" />
Have fun !


Then the others receives the updated client list ...



Below is a screenshot of an example with a test client

Palabre example client