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Actionscript for Multiplayer games

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Where can i download this server and example client ? PDF Print E-mail

To download Palabre Server or client go to the Download Page.

You may also check the Sourceforge Project Page for mirrors

There are three different clients available :


Xml node maker 

Palabre example client

This one allows you to connect, enter a nickname, join/leave any room , send and receive public or private (messages for a room, for a person or entire server broadcast) messages, and view all the incoming and outgoing XML traffic.

Very usefull for debuging.


Mouse Echo Client

Palabre mouse client

Once connected, when you move your mouse, the first cursor you see is yours but with position echoed back from the server. So it's usefull to test latency with the server (if your cursor is really following your mouse, then there is no latency).

If you connect from multiple windows, there are as many cursor as people connected.



Chat Client 

Palabre Chat client

A very simple chat client.

You can choose your nickname, view other connected clients, and send messages to a room.