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Database identification PDF Print E-mail

If you need to know who is connecting to your server, and have for example, a Mysql database with logins and passwords,
you can enable database Support.

Palabre is working with ADODB.
So it can connect to different databases :
Mysql, sqlite, postresql -almost-, oracle, access, odbc, ...

Currently under Windows, Postgresql support is buggy.
Under other systems (non compiled palabre versions) you need to have the python Adodb module installed
and the correct database module installed (ex: for mysql : MysqlDB, for Posgresql : PsycoPg, ...)

For full list and informations, please see :

To enable this support, open palabre.conf
and in the section [database] change :

checkpassword = false


checkpassword = true

Then fill the lines bellow according to your database informations

dbType = mysql
dbHost = localhost
dbUser = root
dbPassword = 
dbDatabase = test

And specify the request to be used to connect

dBRequest = SELECT * FROM t_logins WHERE login_nickname LIKE [LOGIN] AND login_password LIKE MD5([PASSWORD])

[LOGIN]  and [PASSWORD] will automaticaly be replaced with the "nickname" and "password" attributes of the connect node

So you can now use :

<connect nickname="toto" password="str0ngp4ssW0rd" />

to connect.