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Palabre 0.5 is here ! PDF Print E-mail

After a long wait, Palabre 0.5 is finally here !

Major updates are :

- Database identification support (<connect nickname="X" password="Y" />)
- Client's params (<clientparam name="X" value="Y" />)
- SubXML nodes : (<msg  toroom="X"><position><x>12</x></position></msg>)
- Customizable nodes (<mynode toroom="X" anyparam="Y"><AnyContent></mynode>)
- Joined/Left information (<client name="Nickname" joined="Lobby" />)

Read more details below or download it !

Database identification supports all the databases modules of AdoDB :

odbc    access    mssql    mysql    mxodbc    mxoracle   oci8   
odbc    odbc_mssql    postgres    vfp    sqlite

If you enable it you need to have AdoDb Python and the required DB module installed .
(view  : )

With compiled Win32 version, DB identification works with Mysql,PostgreSQL, and SqlLite because of modules Licences. If you want other Databases with Win32 you'll have to use the Source version and install the correct module.


Custom Nodes works exactly as MSG nodes :

You can pass toroom/toclient/r/c params to tell Palabre who to send it too but the name of the node is up to you !

So it's more easier to send Messages/Position/Whatever information :

<msg toroom="X" >Hi everyone</msg>
<position toroom="X"><x>12</x><y>15</y></position>

Sub XML nodes allow you to encapsulate XML subnodes in <msg> or whatever nodes 

<msg toroom="X" ><title>Hi everyone</title><content>Bla bla bla bla bla bla</content></msg>
<position toroom="X"><x>12</x><y>15</y></position>

Joined/Left information has been added :

in 0.4 you only received the new full client list when a new client joined/left a room

Now you receive another Xml node :

<client name="Nickname" joined="Lobby" /> 
<client name="Nickname" left="Lobby" />

The client's params can be used this  way :

<clientparam name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" />

 And everyone receives :

<clientparam r="Lobby" name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" f="Nickname" /> 

 Or when you join a new room you receives everyone's params:

<clients room="Lobby" nb="1">
  <client name="Nickname">
     <param name="Avatar" value="girlwithlonghair2" />
     <param name="HairColor" value="blue" />
     <param name="posX" value="12" />
     <param name="posY" value="64" />
  <client name="OtherNickname">
     <param name="Avatar" value="boywithshorthair1" />
     <param name="HairColor" value="green" />
     <param name="posX" value="15" />
     <param name="posY" value="65" />

Have fun !