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Finaly ! A new version - 0.6 beta ! PDF Print E-mail
Oh yeah !
It's a beta for now, but sounds good already.
And guess what ? Plugins support has been added !
Three plugins are enabled in this beta release :
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It adds two nodes "hello" and "quote"
If you send "<hello/>" it will reply "<world>Hello World</world>" ...
If you send "<quote>" it will reply with a random quote "<quote>Balblablabla</quote>"
Very simple plugin but shows you how to add actions and nodes easyly with Palabre
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WARNING ! Don't use this one on production environments !
IF database access is configured in palabre.conf, it allows you to send ANY sql query in a <db/> node !
example : <db>SELECT * FROM my_table</db>
(WARNING, request could be DROP DATABASE ....)
And it will reply :
<dbres >
You can send "SHOW TABLES" or "SHOW COLUMNS my_table" and it will work too ...
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Just a plugin to explain how to write your own login module
This one is pretty easy .. just don't send "hacker" as password and you're in.
How to write a module ?
1. in the "modules" subdirectory create a file ""
2. In that file create a class yourModule
class yourModule:
    def __init__(self,palabreServer):
        self.server = palabreServer = "yourModule"

3. Then specify when your module should be called.
    Two options are available : self.server.registerAction() and seld.server.registerNode()

    If you want your plugin to be called every time Palabre executes a specific action (example when server startup, when a client connects, when a client Leaves, when a client sends a password for connection, ...)


Example : Do something when server starts : 

Then add in your __init__ method :


   And Create a method called : 'onStartup'

    def onStartup(self,params):
        # Do something'My Module is loaded') 

If you want to add an action when clients sends a specific node, add in __init__ :


And create a method called 'doNode'

    def doNode(self,nodeName,node, client):
        if nodeName == 'mynode':
                client.clientSendMessage('<anynode>You sent MYNODE !</anynode>')


 4. In palabre.conf edit the [modules] section and add your module name to the list :

list = helloworld,yourModule

 Restart Palabre ... and You're done !


Further documentation will come when Palabre 0.6 will be stable

Please feel free to report to the forum.